Program Dutch Classical Talent



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In November 2014, the national Dutch Classical Talent concert tour of the Magma Duo will take off!

The works on the tour program have a few similarities. First of all, they all were written less than a century ago, and thus, they are relatively young for classical music. Furthermore, most of the composer names may not sound familiar to you - and some names that are familiar, may not be known to you as composers. But this is exactly why we chose this program: to have you experience what sparkling, magical, enticing and surprising music is present off the beaten track of the classical repertoire. In this, an international flavor will be very present, since almost all works on the program have some reference to traditional music.

As a duo, we find it very important to communicate with our audiences. Because of this, and because of our original choice of program, for this tour we wanted to do something special. We especially set up these web pages to tell you about the pieces featured on our concert program. To make our story truly a personal one, all these texts are from our own hands, as are all the videos. Yes, we actually filmed and edited the videos ourselves! And since several people told us we were most fun to watch when just spontaneously talking to each other, that's the basic setup we chose, which explains some funny sounds and unfinished sentences throughout the videos...but this truly is how the Magma Duo is in real life.


Finally, a few words of thanks from our side!

  • First of all, we would like to thank the organization of the Dutch Classical Talent Tour & Award, and in particular our coaches for having created this opportunity for us. We thank Jaring Walta for having started our Vermeulen craze, and as an extension of  the tour, we thank Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo for their advices, and for having broadened our artistic perspectives even further.
  • Thanks to Dad & Mum Storms and Dad & Mum Liem for having supported us in every way possible during our preparations, and to our dear sisters Annelies and Vera.
  • Extra kudos and a big hug to Vera for having assisted us with filming and setting up this website!!
  • Thanks to Cor and Gabrysia Roodbergen for having allowed us to refurbish their living room for the Igudesman scene...
  • ...and thanks to Cynthia's colleagues and project contacts for partially having inspired this promotion strategy, and for having donated a certain amount of glass attributes for the Igudesman scene...