Matthijs Vermeulen - Sonata for piano and violon

Calme, sans lenteur
Allegro - Très lent


Matthijs Vermeulen also was an acquaintance of Nadia Boulanger. Discontent with the classical music climate in The Netherlands, he moved to France, where he completed his violin sonata in 1925. Despite efforts of several musicians (including Boulanger) to have the piece performed, Vermeulen had to wait until 1963 to hear it performed live. Perhaps it lasted this long as he was considered to write complex music; nonetheless, the Magma Duo would like to demonstrate to you that underneath the complexity, great beauty and profound emotion lie, which make the piece completely worth it.

In fact, it was this piece which motivated the Magma Duo to apply for the Dutch Classical Talent Tour & Award. Hear the duo talking about their fascination for this piece in the video above.