The Magma Duo is kicking off a new year!

2016 has started, and immediately, the Magma Duo enthusiastically is going for it with a New Year's Concert in the Van Cappelenhuis on January 10! At a New Year's Concert, one cannot omit a bit of Viennese flavor, but this should also be done in the true Magma way! So do expect Beethoven, but also works by Igudesman and Joo, which may involve some theatrical elements...

To promote our January 10 concert, on January 7 we were live aired on the radio in the Rijnmond Nu Mediacafé. If you missed it: you can listen back on the programme page (in Dutch). We play in the third hour of the show (third player) starting at 20:45 min before the end.

A few more expected 2016 highlights which we'd already like to pre-announce:

  • At the moment, together with String orchestra De Haagse Beek and director Frank Siera we are collaborating on a special concert, in which two concertos for violin, piano and string orchestra (by Mendelssohn en Hatzis) literally will be brought on stage, and brought to you as our audience in an original way. Further information will follow very soon; for now, mark the concert dates: March 6 in The Hague (De Nieuwe Regentes) and March 13 in Delft (Prinsenhof, van Der Mandelezaal), in both cases in the afternoon.
  • We hope to release our debut CD in this calendar year! More news on this will also follow soon.
  • For our international fans: on May 11, we will make our debut in the Konzerthaus in Vienna, in the Mittagsmusik concert series!

So, exciting times ahead. Keep an eye on this website for the updates!