Grachtenfestival 2019

Emmy has been nominated for the Grachtenfestivalprijs 2019! We are very honored to play twice at the Grachtenfestival for this reason:

  • on Monday, August 12, when we will navigate classical and traditional Western and Indian music, in a special cooperation with Lenneke van Staalen (Indiase viool) and Heiko Dijker (tabla);
  • on Friday, August 16, during 'De Avond van de Grachtenfestivalprijs', when all Grachtenfestivalprijs laureates will perform.

Both concerts start at 21 h in the Winter Garden of NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. Don't miss it!

Recital K&O Katwijk

Did the Magma Duo seem somewhat silent lately? We were not actually silent, and worked hard behind the screens on some new repertoire. Now, it is our delight to perform that repertoire soon in Katwijk, our rehearsal home base!

Join us on December 1 in the Katwijk Sufi Temple, and let us take you on a journey across the world, of which you can see some first impressions below.

The concert starts at 20.15 u. For tickets, visit: (Dutch-language form).


Klassiek in het Ketelhuis

For our duo, 2017 kicked off with preparations for a concert in the Klassiek in het Ketelhuis series, February 12, 2017, 11 h, in Theater De Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague.

The programme includes several Magma classics (Poulenc and Igudesman from our CD, Say from our Dutch Classical Talent tour), but also the second sonata by George Antheil. The sonata is meant for 'violin, piano and drums'...and as a consequence, one can suddenly encounter 'hardware tests' during our rehearsals...

Our debut CD is released!

We are immensely proud to announce the release of our debut CD! The CD 'Magma Duo' is a fiery, personal presentation of the various repertoire works which have grown to be important to us as a duo.

Don't miss it: the CD is internationally available through the digital music services, but also in physical (hand-numbered!) 'limited edition' in record stores, through our label Globe Records, or directly via Cynthia or Emmy.



Met trots kondigen we een concertreeks aan waar bijna een jaar aan gewerkt is. Samen met Strijkorkest de Haagse Beek o.l.v. Yiorgo Moutsiaras en regisseur Frank Siera presenteren KINDERSPEL/TOEKOMSTMUZIEK: een ode aan het leven met het dubbelconcert van een 13-jarige Felix Mendelssohn, de autobiografische Arabesque van Christos Hatzis, en het nieuwe werk 'Geel bijvoorbeeld' van Reza Namavar.

Hoor (en zie!) dat klassieke muziek van alle (leef)tijden is:
- zondag 6 maart, 15 u, Den Haag, Theater de Nieuwe Regentes (waarschuwing: bereid uw reis goed voor i.v.m. de CPC-loop)
- zondag 13 maart, 15 u, Delft, Museum Prinsenhof, Van der Mandelezaal

Een klein voorproefje is hieronder te vinden!

The Magma Duo is kicking off a new year!

2016 has started, and immediately, the Magma Duo enthusiastically is going for it with a New Year's Concert in the Van Cappelenhuis on January 10! At a New Year's Concert, one cannot omit a bit of Viennese flavor, but this should also be done in the true Magma way! So do expect Beethoven, but also works by Igudesman and Joo, which may involve some theatrical elements...

To promote our January 10 concert, on January 7 we were live aired on the radio in the Rijnmond Nu Mediacafé. If you missed it: you can listen back on the programme page (in Dutch). We play in the third hour of the show (third player) starting at 20:45 min before the end.

A few more expected 2016 highlights which we'd already like to pre-announce:

  • At the moment, together with String orchestra De Haagse Beek and director Frank Siera we are collaborating on a special concert, in which two concertos for violin, piano and string orchestra (by Mendelssohn en Hatzis) literally will be brought on stage, and brought to you as our audience in an original way. Further information will follow very soon; for now, mark the concert dates: March 6 in The Hague (De Nieuwe Regentes) and March 13 in Delft (Prinsenhof, van Der Mandelezaal), in both cases in the afternoon.
  • We hope to release our debut CD in this calendar year! More news on this will also follow soon.
  • For our international fans: on May 11, we will make our debut in the Konzerthaus in Vienna, in the Mittagsmusik concert series!

So, exciting times ahead. Keep an eye on this website for the updates!


Het Magma Duo speelt Igudesman & Joo

On Thursday, July 16, the Magma Duo will play at the Peter de Grote Festival - a festival of which both Emmy and Cynthia have fond memories, as former students of its Summer Academy.

In the 'Young Masters in Concert' series, the duo will perform a tribute to Aleksey Igudesman en Hyung-ki Joo, who were of major influence to the development of the duo in the past year. Discover the creativity and humor of Igudesman & Joo, and brace yourself for a few surprises!

The concert will take place from 17-18 h at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen. Tickets are just 5 Euro each, and available at the door.

For a musical preview, take another look at our Dutch Classical Talent promo video of the second sonata of Aleksey Igudesman:

Magma Duo plays at festival 'Maartje's Wijsje'

On January 3, the Magma Duo was a guest in 'Maartje's Wijsje': a festival in which locals guide groups of audiences to several special locations in a city. At each of these locations, interesting and surprising performances were given in different musical genres (ranging from singer-songwriter to classical). We took care of one of the surprise acts, playing in a former soap factory which now is a living room, and showed our interests reach beyond merely playing in a classical style on violin and piano!

If you're curious if we managed to hold out between the punk rock and cover bands, watch the clip below... :)

The Magma Duo on Radio 4

Because of our tour, from December 1-5 we are Muziekwijzer guests on Radio 4! Listen daily beween 15 and 15.30 h to the musical inspiration sources of Cynthia and Emmy. And make sure to visit one of our concerts, for nothing beats a live performance!

Dutch Classical Talent tour information available!

Direct link to the Dutch Classical Talent program

As a duo, we find it very important to communicate with our audiences. Because of this, for our Dutch Classical Talent Tour we wanted to try something new. We especially set up several web pages to tell you about the pieces featured on our concert program. And to make the story even more personal, we hand-crafted videos with a personal story for each piece on our program. Please click here for more information!